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Suggested action workflows

A matter is a folder that holds a single or related grouping of information of a client. A matter is created in PMS ( Project Management system) LEAP by a lawyer defining the category of the matter. This project aims to create a systematic approach & guardrails to help the clients to identify the category of matter & its suggested workflow in InfoTrack.
The InfoTrack Ecosystem
Frame 12.png

The current witness workflow is not the best user experience.

UX Goals
  • To categorise the most popular matter types.

  • Find the matter types which can come under the Matter Category.

  • Work on the workflows for the defined categories.

As the sole designer on this effort, I audited the most popular category of matters in the LEAP. Also, externally understand the usage of this category in the InfoTrack platform. Taking those data, did an affinity mapping to create categories in the InfoTrack platform. Many factors were taken into account based on integrated & non-integrated clients using InfoTrack suggested workflow.
Categorising the most popular matter types

There are 100's of matter types in LEAP. Therefore, our foremost goal was to find out the most popular matter types and put them together in the 10 matter category and provide a suggested workflow for it.

Finalising the matter category

To create a matter category I did affinity mapping with stakeholders to define what matter type can lie under a category.

Affinity Mapping for Matter Types - Work

There are 10 categories and any matter that is not listed under a category will automatically default to the miscellaneous category.

Integrated and Non-Integrated Behaviour
Integrated Behaviour

The workflow for integrated users (LEAP) is automatically assigned based on their matter in LEAP, and the category cannot be changed.

Frame 468.png
Non-Integrated Behaviour

Non-integrated users can change the suggested workflow but selecting any category that they want to work on.

Frame 478.png
Suggestion Card Interaction

Done Default

Done Hover

Frame 163.png

Done Pressed

Done Focused

Frame 164.png

To-Do Default

To-Do Hover

To-Do Pressed

To-Do Focused

Suggested workflow
Frame 165.png
Done State
To-Do State

The suggested workflow and card interaction has been released. The next step is to evaluate the experience of the suggested card workflow and to understand whether cards as a
the component really create a clean experience for the user or if they are necessary
driving factors in design. 

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