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Order Display Screen for eCOS

User Interviews • Wireframes • Flowcharts • User Interface • Prototyping

Project Overview
The goal of the project to redesign the current Order Display Screen. The current order display screen does not guide the user through to their next task, resulting in hesitation and frustration after they complete an order.
My Contributions
As this was a redesign project the first step was to analyse the flow. After that our job was to simplify the process as much as possible and make it intuitive for the users, use the design system. The most important part of the project was designing the onboarding flow and validate it from the existing user of the product that ensures a smooth experience for the user.
macbook-pro-mockup-scene@2x (2).png
After we identified the pain-points and proceeded with creating the wireframes to explore the experience in more detail on a screen-by-screen level. The main focus was to engage more users with our plans, dealings, and certificates (eCOS+) with seamless experience.
Order display layout.png
general note.png
Left Panel
Left Panel.png
Middle panel.png
Middle Panel
Right Panel
Right panel.png
Validating the Designs
Who did we interview and test with?
property sale.png
5 Conveyancers
LEAP users
Recently ordered a contract & 10.7
Integration of two products
Once the contract of sale is ready it needs to be shared with the real estate agent and vendors. The challenge was to not overload the users with a lot of information and educate them about the product before taking them to it.
Frame 445.png
Frame 59.png
eCOS display - non integrated.png
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